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Happy New Year…

…and all the best for a happy and healthy 2015.

2014 has been the most busy, satisfying and rewarding year to date. It was marked by personal achievements, festive celebrations and a well-earned lengthy break from work to the Galapagos Islands, and the beautiful city of Quito, Ecuador.

Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to learn a little about recent environmental law developments through this site, for your support, and for your ongoing interest in the protection of our environment.

From my family to you and your loved ones, enjoy the New Years celebrations, and I look forward to our continued contact into 2015.

James Early

Wind Power Gets Go-Ahead in Ontario

Yesterday the Ontario Superior Court of Justice dismissed the appeals of a group of residents who lived close to proposed wind turbines, paving the way for those turbines to be built: Dixon v Director, Ministry of the Environment, 2014 ONSC 7404 (CanLII).

The residents had argued that the turbines would cause serious harm to human health if constructed, and suggested that prior hearings before prior Tribunals were procedurally unfair.

A number of ‘grounds of appeal’ were argued, including suggestions that: the “harm” test contained in the Environmental Protection Act violated the Charter; the Tribunals erred in their treatment of the “post-wind turbine witnesses”;  the Tribunals erred in finding that they lacked jurisdiction to assess whether a Director’s decision, or the process in making a decision, is Charter compliant; and the Tribunals failed to follow the principles of fairness or natural justice. On each ground, the residents failed.

To view the decision in its entirety, click here.

James Early